A german mother-son entrepreneur and designer duo on a mission to make great visions come true.

Headquartered in France, operating globally

Hi ­čĹő , we are the mother-son duo Barbara and Patrick Korytko and our passion is to drive great visions in the world, to inspire people with our design & sense for aesthetics, to develop strategies for sustainable success and to help build great companies that last for generations.

In addition to our own companies and projects in the areas of SaaS, Luxury, Fashion, Art, we also support other visionaries and entrepreneurs in their projects with our know-how and expertise. 

Our Group Companies & Brands

Our Houses of Excellence

Korytko® Agency
Korytko® Consulting
Virtual Shopping
Korytko® Luxury Brand
Korytko® Art
Korytko® Studios

Client Cases

Here are some of the projects that we helped build

adidas - E-Commerce B2B Partner Programm
We helped adidas Sport Eyewear and the Silhouette Group to successfully craft and establish their E-Commerce B2B Partner program in the D-A-CH region.
Virtual Go Pro feat. Sylvester Stallone
We helped to realize a record-breaking virtual event during the COVID-19 pandemic feat. Sylvester Stallone from its initial idea, over the whole event branding & design, marketing, and custom software development to perform and mange the event.
ARIA - a Sonnet of taste
From the naming, the interior, the branding up to the successful opening of the luxury restaurant ARIA, the client trusted our expertise to create a truly unique result.
Worre Studios Las Vegas
We had the privilege of advising and assisting our client in the creation of one of the world's most innovative and largest studio productions in Las Vegas. We were also responsible for all the branding, designed the advertising campaigns for New-York Times Square, developed the website and the studio interior design.

Do you have a challenging project, a great vision that you want to implement successfully, or do you need expert advice?