Coming 2023/24

Virtual Shopping

The future marketplace and All-In-One Solution for Local Retailers to sell online nationwide with integrated Live-Shopping and Social Commerce Elements



With the birth of Virtual Shopping at the end of 2020, a great vision was born. The mission was clear: to create an independent marketplace ecosystem tailored to local retailers, while providing customers with a personalized shopping experience online, just like they would have in person. The Korytko Group is investing in research and development to create its own intuitive e-commerce marketplace system, along with a proprietary video streaming solution for live shopping and other innovative social commerce experiences. The goal is to offer the most intuitive, beautiful, and fair marketplace model for retailers. We expect the launch and completion to take place between late 2023 and early 2024. As we continue moving into a more digital era, Virtual Shopping aims to revolutionize the way we shop online.

The Problems

The vicious circle of small local retailers to finally sell successfully online

The human touch

An app marketplace to discover local retailers nationwide and purchase directly from them online.

The personal shopping experience at local retailers for home

  • Chat

  • Live Shopping Video Calls

  • Appointments

  • Guided Checkout

Social Commerce through 24h Video Stories, Live Shopping Calls & Video Highlights to discover stores, products and upcoming live shopping shows.

Store Profile

Your Local Store in the pocket of your customers

Video Streaming

Powerful 1:1 Live-Shopping
and 1:Many Live-Shopping Events

The better Teleshopping

The interactive Netflix of Teleshopping


Interactive Live Shopping Events

Thanks to a proprietary video streaming solution, we enable merchants to stream live shopping shows from their smartphone or our web based software directly to their customers’ TV, web and smartphone devices.

Retail & Marketplace Software

All-in-One Merchant Software & App



  • Live Shopping Calls & Events

  • E-Commerce

  • Product Inventory Management

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Customer Profiles

  • Calendar

  • Live Chat

  • Barcode & QR Code Scanner

  • 24h Stories

  • Video Story Highlights

  • Live Streaming

  • CMS

  • Shipping and Product Returns

  • + much more

This is just the beginning!